Monday, 20 August 2012

Example Step3: Publish Test Application

Now that the Mobile Sync application is installed on the device, we can test out the synchronization by pushing and pulling some data to/fro Oracle database and device.

Step 1: Create Sample Schema and Tables in database

We will create a new user (or 'schema' if you prefer) in the Oracle database.
  • Log in to Oracle with DBA user and use CREATE USER, GRANT etc to create a user. I created a user named AA (note that this is a database user and not a user on the DMS. I just happened to use the same name for both).
  • For the purposes of my example, I created two tables CATEGORIES and ITEMS in this schema. You can download the SQL script to create these
Step 2: Create Publication and Publication items
  • On the client development machine, launch Oracle Database Workbench
  • Create a New project named TEST
  • Create a New Publication named TEST
  • Create two New Publication Items named CATEGORIES and ITEMS using the wizard. I selected all columns of my tables CATEGORIES and ITEMS.
  • Select the publication TEST and add the two publication items CATEGORIES and ITEMS
  • Save the Project and Deploy (File-> Deploy). You can view this publication and items in the repository via Mobile Manager to double-check
  • Close MDW

    MDW Screen Shots
Step 3: Use Packaging Wizard to package an application
  • Launch Packaging Wizard, connect to repository
  • Create a new Application Definition called TestApp
  • Choose the platform SQLite Android;US from the list
  • Provide credentials to connect to repository (the database URL will be something like jdbc:oracle:thin:@
  • Choose the publication TEST created in Step 2
  • Click Finish to publish the application
 Packaging Wizard Screen Shots

Step 4: Grant Access to Application
  • Log in to Mobile Manager
  • Click Applications Tab under Mobile Servers. You should see the application TestApp listed
  • Click on the Application and navigate to the Access tab
  • Choose the user AA and grant access to TestApp
Grant Screen Shots


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