Friday, 17 August 2012

Pieces of the Puzzle

A quick explanation of the pieces of the puzzle is provided here.


Server basically has an Oracle 11g database and Oracle Database Mobile Server running on GlassFish (App server). As stated in the Oracle DMS documentation, "Oracle Database Mobile Server provides a complete mobile infrastructure designed to run enterprise database applications for clients using either the Berkeley DB or SQLite databases." The features allow us to (there are many other features!):

- Create and Manage Users
- Manage Security; who has access to applications, data etc.
- Manage Devices; handle lost devices etc.
- View "subscriptions to data" etc. (referred Publication and Publication items in Oracle doc)

On Desktop:

I have installed Oracle Mobile Development Kit. It gives us Mobile Database Workbench (MDW). One can create and manage publications items using MDW. Packaging Wizard allows us to publish applications to the Mobile Server.

Note that a mobile repository is created under the schema MOBILEADMIN (default) during installation.

Eclipse is an IDE that we will use to build the Mobile Sync application bundled with the Mobile Development Kit.

Finally, I have chosen to use Titanium Studio  to build my application since I have limited knowledge and experience of Java.

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