Monday, 20 August 2012

Example Step1:Create User on DMS

The general idea is that one mobile client (or device) will be used by one individual user. There might be more complex environments, but in my sample deployment, I will create a user named AA on the Mobile Server and publish my test application to this user. The same application will then be installed and used on the mobile device. In this step, I will share the steps to creating this user.

Log In to Mobile Manager

Visit Mobile Manager via a browser. In my case, I pointed my browser to and logged in as Administrator.

Create a New User

I navigated to the User Manager section and used the "Create Like" feature to create a new user AA like an Administrator as illustrated below.



    I'm trying to get a better understanding of DMS esp. pertaining to how myApp.apk gets synch'ed down to the Android device.

    Please, how do I find the Android source code for:
    Oracle Setup
    Oracle DMAgent
    (and most importantly) Oracle Update

    ? -JD

    1. I think this is a highly relevant and very important question. That's because for end-users (not prog'rs) using any/all of these apps is a lot of "seams"/ "hoops". A good app would have all of this incorporated seamlessly w/in itself. As a developer, I wouldn't want to have to tell users that they have to do all of these things ( "Oracle Setup", "Oracle DMAgent", and "Oracle Update" ) in order to get my app to function.

    2. Hi JD! We are only using the Sync feature of DMS to ensure that the local database on the mobile clients are in sync with the Server-side. You DO NOT need all the apps. What we have done is integrated the Sync functionality into our Mobile App.

      We started with the Simple_Sync_Android code. Please check out %ORACLE_HOME%/Mobile/Sdk/samples/sync/android/simple_sync_android directory for the codebase

    3. Please review the instructions file in that path if you are not familiar with building Android Apps. good luck

    4. Hi Anand,
      I'm looking for a little guidance on how to sync the APP (I'm already familiar w/ how to sync the DATA via the Transport example).
      Is there any difference between the two? How does the DMS server trigger APP sync? How does the client trigger APP sync?
      What is the programmatic trigger for APP sync & is it any different from DATA sync?
      Thanks for all of your help. Your previous reply was helpful too.

  2. ...and yes, I'm somewhat familiar w/ the simple_syc_android code, have succesfully deployed and run it. But, despite that, i don't see where in that code is the APP sync...?

  3. Sorry, misunderstood your question. I also faced this challenge about App sync, but because our App is deployed to the Play Store, we manage updates from there. Unfortunately, I also don't have full clarity on why this architecture of 3 apps. Suggest you post on Oracle DMS forum. They usually respond in 1-2 days

  4. just sent you email re: the above......


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