Sunday, 19 August 2012

Illustrated Example - 6 Steps

I will share my experience of deploying a sample application. I will break the discussion into six separate blogs as follows:
  1. Create User on DMS 
  2. Install Mobile Sync application on client and complete first sync
  3. Publish a Test Application on DMS with Publication and Publication Items to user created in Step 1
  4. Download Application onto Client
  5. Install Demo Mobile Application on device
  6. Test synchronization and mobile application
Note: I have created a separate development environment for this discussion. What I describe here don't necessarily represent best practices or my advice for a production deployment!
Prerequisite: Oracle Database Mobile Server 11g is installed and running


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  2. Thank you.. it is greatly helpful...
    I too had the classnotfound exception.. But trying your workaround worked like charm.
    Thanks again.

  3. Hello,

    I am working with Oracle Mobile server with following setup.

    1. Oracle 11g server on linux machine (Machine A)
    2. Weblogic Application server on linux machine (Machine A)
    3. Oracle Mobile Server on linux machine (Machine A)

    4. Mobile Client on windows 7 server (Machine B)
    5. Android Emulator on windows 7 server (Machine B)

    Machine A and Machine B is LAN connected.

    I have done following steps till not and stuck after that

    1. build simple_sync_android in machine B
    2. deploy simple_sync_android in Android Emulator of machine B
    3. Able to Invoke "Mobile Sync" application
    4. But not able to understand what should be the value of USERID , PASSWORD & URL in Mobile Sync app.
    I have tried same url (http://:/, userid / pwd for movile server, but it didn't work .it is giving 404 error
    where as I am able to access same url from MAchine B and also able to login

    Q1: Please let me know correct value of them .. ---- Need Help

    I am also trying to create publication and publication item.

    1. I have created a new table (USERDETAILS) under schema mobileadmin
    2. execute under /mobile/sdk/bin
    3. creted project TEST
    4. created publication TEST
    5. Create publicationitem with table USERDETAILS
    6. Add publication item to project
    7. Deploy the project and it deployed (as per message)

    But I am not able to find it in mobile manager.

    Q2: Please let me know where can i find it. and how i will know it has been deployed

    Please help
    I am able to download SetUp.apk from http://:/mobile/setup into MachineB.

    Q3: How can i install SetUp.apk in android emulator.

    Thanks for your help in advance.


  4. Q1: You need to use the credentials for the user you created in Step 1 in my example (Create User on DMS)
    Q2: It looks like you have not used Packaging Wizard to deploy the app. Please note Step 3: Publish Test Application (Use Packaging Wizard to package an application section)
    Q3: I am not sure about this. In my case I used a real device that I had and just copied the .APK over USB cable. I am not that clued in about the emulator and how you copy files into it

  5. Hi, what would you recommend, jdeveloper or appcelebrator, Flip


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